Last year we featured a 2 story cross-section of a Victorian house at the Grand Designs 2011 Exhibition, Birmingham. We were there with our sister company Green Power Installations. We had been invited by LILI (Low Impact Impact Initiative) to showcase how it is possible to lower your carbon footprint and cut your gas and electricity bills by retrofitting existing houses with green technologies.

The house features Photovoltiac panels which convert sunlight to direct electricity for both the house and the grid, Solar thermal which uses direct heat from the sun to supplement hot water storage heating. The house also features a wide range of wall and ceiling insulations and a wood burning stove with an accumulator tank (used for hot water storage) The house also has a “grey water” system installed which uses rainwater domestically to cut down on water use . If you are buying a home or refurbishing your existing one and you are interested in using Green Technology to lower your carbon footprint or becoming semi self sustaining in terms of your energy and water use then please call or email and we can provide you with all the necessary information and a friendly no obligation quote. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the green power web site, or follow us on facebook.

We are hoping to be at the London Grand Designs Show at Excel between 5 -13 May 2012…watch this space!

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